Hi, my name is John and I am “The Wine Guy”  I am a self taught wine sommelier and consultant who lives in Columbus Ohio.  My background in wine stems from my love of food, wine and travel, which has taken me to countless trips to Europe (specifically France) and landed me a chance to make my livelihood from teaching others about Wine.

I used to be a Corporate “Guy” and in the late 1990’s I made good a long promise to visit friends in France and on a lark, enrolled myself in French classes and 4 years later found myself mostly fluent in French and leaving my corporate job behind to  pursue travel, wine, food, friends and fun.

Now, we all have to work, and with my newly honed talents in language, food and wine, I landed a job managing a wine department for a very popular grocery chain based out of California, Trader Joe’s.  This is where I have been working part time for the past 3 years, managing the wine department, hosting wine tastings and being a chef in their demo kitchen.

My goal is to become fully self employeed as a wine consultant.  You can hire me to:  Host in home or event wine tastings, wine bartender, etc.  I also dabble in home cooking and can be called upon to help you organize your kitchen, teaching how to simplify your cooking processes, and as a cook for small gatherings.

Keep your eye on my page for events and more background on “John the Wine Guy”